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The Challenge

BRANDedTRAY came to MindTrust as a successful purveyor of branded physical food/beverage trays at the biggest sporting events in the country, from NCAA March Madness to The Super Bowl. Despite their high-profile relationships with brands (like Capital One, Mastercard, and Coca-Cola- frequent sponsors on their trays), and with the largest leagues in sports (NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL), BRANDedTRAY was missing out on major opportunities to reach outside the stadium and into the digital space. In baseball terms, they were leaving men on base without a strategy to bring them home.

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The Moneyball Moment - Getting The Most Out Of The Brand

How do you get the most out of what you have?

This was the fundamental question BRANDedTRAY came to MindTrust with - and our strategic team worked with the company to come up with some answers. BRANDedTRAY didn't need new employees or new relationships - they needed to do the following:

  • 1 Increase the BRANDedTRAY offering for sponsors form the tray into the digital space.
  • 2 Improve the brand presence online with a new responsive website.
  • 3 Increase operational efficiencies with an internal sales portal and marketing automation/CRM software.

The Pitch

Transform BRANDedTRAY Sponsorship Program & Business Opportunities

New Tray Designs

  • Redesign the physical trays with our package design team to improve conversions from the tray into the digital space.
  • Create a template that renders a 3D tray to better support sales efforts when dealing with sponsors.

Digital/Social Solutions

  • Give control to BRANDedTRAY - and the sponsors - for all promotional efforts displayed on the tray.
  • Build social opportunities for all major social media platforms to extend the reach of the sponsor beyond the stadium.
  • Provide analytics so sponsors can easily measure ROI.

Enhancing The Business

  • Build a cutting-edge, high-customizable responsive website that represents all of the company's capabilities.
  • Build a sales portal for representatives of BRANDedTRAY partner CBS to aid in sales efforts and manage inventory.
  • Set up marketing automation software to manage thousands of sales reps selling inventory.

A Uniform Upgrade

There's a reason why major brands pay to have their signage and promotions all over the tray... it works.

In a Marketing Research study conducted by Sponsorship Research International (SRi) during a 2009 Major League Baseball game in Yankee Stadium , BRANDedTRAY was rated 53% more effective in generating awareness than outfield signage, and 475% more effective in generating awareness than In-Game Promotions. But any promotions labeled on the tray were managed by other companies, leaving BRANDedTRAY with limitations on their offering and proving the effectiveness of the brand.

While our digital team formulated digital and social solutions that would help extend a sponsor's reach beyond the stadium, our packaging design team took over the process of designging the physical trays to bolster the digital team's efforts. They also built a 3-D model so that sponsors could easily get a sense of how the finished trays would look and feel.

Sponsor Reach Beyond The Stadium

BRANDedTRAY was missing a major opportunity to own the digital promotional aspect of the tray and help sponsors measure ROI. By offering a slew of social solutions, sponsors could simply pick and choose the types of promotions that made the most sense for their brand.

  • Sweepstakes
  • Coupons
  • Photo Contests
  • HTML Fangate
  • Video Contests
  • Instant Win
  • Polls
  • Pin To Win
  • Tab For Twitter
  • Instagram Tab
  • Pinterest Tab
  • YouTube Tab
  • Deals
  • Group Deals
  • Leaderboard
  • Rewards
  • Prize Claim
  • Pick A Winner
  • Quizzes
  • Promote Offer
  • Promote Post
  • Audience Management
  • Ad Triggers
  • Website

Creative Work

BRANDedTRAY is using MindTrust to handle all creative work, so when a sponsor is looking a set of social pages to house a BRANDedTRAY campaign, we design the pages and build the technology behind it.

Sample Promotion in Facebook (direct from Tray).
Sample Thank You page with sharing incentive for users who complete entry.

ROI Measurement

What's the value of sponsoring a BRANDedTRAY? Thanks to MindTrust's social solutions, both sponsors and BRANDedTRAY will have the ability to measure a campaign's effectiveness.

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A Digital Presence To Match

The original BRANDedTRAY website was built on an old wordpress theme that made it difficult for them to accurately represent their growing brand. We built them a highly-customizable responsive theme that incorporated all of their new endeavors, starting with the digital and social capabilities to extend the reach of the tray beyond the stadium.

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Sales Portal for CBS Partner Program

BRANDedTRAY's partnership with CBS means that thousands of reps are selling BRANDedTRAY as a sponsorship option at any given time. BRANDedTRAY had no way of effectively communicating availability and invetory with the reps at CBS.

We created a sales portal for the CBS reps that represented available inventory, information each sponsorship opportunity, and costs involved. CBS reps each have their own log-in capabilities, and sales can be tracked back directly to the rep who sold the package.

The portal provides efficiencies and greater transparency for both CBS and BRANDedTRAY.


Marketing Automation & CRM Software

As an official agency partner of HubSpot, we set up BRANDedTRAY with marketing automation that would allow them to keep in constant communication with sales representatives all over the country, sponsors who they communicate with directly, and fans who might be interested in their promotions.

"Our new website looks and operates great. I think it will be a great face for the company for a long time." Bob Zaccardo, President