There’s a better way to grow your business

Our Teams as a Service model combines world-class talent with proprietary software to load balance your growth. We’ve created the most efficient, least risky way for enterprises and startups to innovate and scale.

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The world’s top innovation talent at your fingertips

MindTrust is an all-star team of top strategists, technologists, marketers, and creatives from leading companies and top universities. We are a passionate tribe committed to growing your business and building experiences that people love! Headquartered in the USA, we’re a global company that spans 6 continents and 30+ countries and growing fast.

Stop Paying for Idle Time

MindTrust provides a powerful alternative to traditional hiring, agencies, and outsourcing. By plugging into the Internet of Talent™, you can affordably grow your business with fluid teams of expert business strategists. Improve efficiency, eliminate the risk of idle time, and only pay for hours you use.

Traditional Teams

Teams as a Service

Team Size

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Traditional Teams

Traditional teamsTraditional teamsTraditional teamsTraditional teamsTraditional teams

5x Team Members

Pay for salaries, benefits and 100% of your employee and contractor time.


Traditional teamsTraditional teamsTraditional teamsTraditional teamsTraditional teams

∞ Team Members

Your team is fluid and infinitely scalable based upon your month-to-month needs.

Talent Utilization

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Traditional Teams

Traditional teams

60% Utilized


Traditional teams

100% Utilized

With our TaaS model, your team is adaptive to your needs. You only pay for hours you use.

Monthly Hours

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Traditional Teams

Traditional teams

867 hours

You are paying for 160 to 184 hours per team member each and every month.


Traditional teams

Flexible hours

With MindTrust you can easily scale up or down, and only pay for hours you use.

Total Savings

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Traditional Teams



Pay for salaries, benefits, and 100% of your employee and contractor time.




We provide the right talent at the right time, and you only pay for hours worked.

How do you design, build, launch and promote projects today?

I rely on employees

to manage their own productivity and learn what's necessary for a project.

  • Accountability
  • Big investment
  • Limited capacity
  • Limited skill diversity
  • Slow hiring process
  • Long-term commitment

I rely on an agency

to scope a project for us and then execute on the tasks autonomously.

  • No employee overhead
  • Quality assurance
  • High pricing
  • Loss of control
  • Juggling other clients
  • Minimum retainers

I rely on freelancers

or outsourcing for a specific project or fill skill gaps on my team.

  • Fast time to hire
  • Cheap hourly pricing
  • High total pricing
  • High failure rate
  • Limited capacity
  • No accountability

I trust MindTrust to build and manage a world-class team and bring our vision to life

  • Right skills as needed
  • Transparent pricing
  • Unlimited work capacity
  • Fit into your existing processes
  • Vetted, reputable experts
  • Quality assurance

"MindTrust has been a great partner for Datto. Having access to the right talent at the right time without disrupting our internal workflow has been a game-changer.”

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Matt Richards

Chief Marketing Officer


Three concepts our customers find most valuable

  • Talent Flexibility

    Phase members in and out of your mindtrust of elite technologists, strategists, and creatives based on your needs and workflow.

  • Full Utilization

    No idle time, full utilization. You'll only be billed when pros are actively working on your project.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Set a budget, then allocate talent to fit your needs. You'll gain active insights into how your budget is consumed.

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